180-degree virtual production volume

The future of film making

Artificial backdrops have been used in filmmaking since the early days, Virtual Production takes this to a next level. This is done in real-time in which the camera is tracked and this makes the digital background parallax accordingly. They respond to the camera’s movements. This is done in real-time by powerful Nvidia A6000 Graphics Cards and the power of the Unreal Engine. You see the result directly in the camera, we call this final pixel or ICVFX (In Camera Visual Effects). The remaining LED wall can be used to create natural lighting. This creates reflections on the physical set and actors. It allows them to interact with their surroundings.

Tailor-Made for each production


IRON Films offers tailor-made Virtual Production studios for individual productions, be it in our studio in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, or at your location. We help you get the LED volume suited to your production needs and budget. Each Virtual Production setup comes with a fully equipped BrainBar and Rendernode with Nvidia A6000 graphics card. We have experienced operators for Unreal Engine and the teams are scalable when needed. IRON Films is flexible and mobile.

virtual production set virtual production set


Flexibility and creativity
You have total creative freedom. With virtual production, we help you realise locations specific for your production. From far away or hard-to-reach places to imaginary locations that don’t exist. If you can visualize it, we can help you realize it.
You only need to manage one location. Because all shots can take place in the same LED volume. Now cast and crew can work efficiently. This will minimize costs and avoid budget blow-outs.
Set Location Swap
Moving your cast and crews to different sets takes minutes. Shoot in the Himalayas in the morning and on a beach 10 mins later. This will drastically minimize travel expenses.
Every element is controllable in a Virtual Production studio. From the time of day to weather conditions. So unforeseen rain showers and sunlight are a thing of the past.
Reduction in CO2 emission
Physical sets are built for each production and mostly for one-time use. And eventually, they end up in the garbage. With Virtual Production, your sets are digitally archived and can be restored at any time.


  Powered by nVidia A6000

  10-bit LED color rendering

  Unreal Real-time rendering

  Ncam camera tracking

  NovaStar LED processing